National Poetry Month: Asian-American Poets to Watch (via NBC News)

April is National Poetry Month and National Poetry Writing Month, sparking poetry readings, new poetry books, challenges to write thirty poems in thirty days, people carrying poems in their pockets to share, and, of course, a multitude of poetry writing assignments in schools across the country. NBC Asian America—with the help of a poetry professor or two—pulled together a sampling, showcasing the diversity of Asian American poetry—poets, spoken word, literary journals, and writing programs.

“It is important to read Asian American poetry, because it allows us access to an underrepresented perspective and to deepen our understanding of the diverse communities that make up America,” poet Ravi Shankar, editor of Drunken Boat online literary journal and author of “What Else Could it Be: Ekphrastics and Collaborations,” told NBC News. “But just as there’s no monolithic ‘country’ that defines us all, neither is there just one kind of Asian American poet.”

Click here for more information.


NBC News

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