The Balancing Act: Learning how to poet and parent (via SPITJournal)

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Featuring Treesje Powers, Jesse Parent and Dominique Christina.

To be a parent, means to give every ounce of your body, mind, and spirit to the very human being/s you brought into this world. Parents are the providers and sculptors of their children who will one day carry their legacy in all that they do. However, parenting can be a scary thing: a time consuming career away from your own career. To have children is both hard work and rewarding, as you witness your children  grow up, date, get their drivers license, turn the horrifying twenty-one, and create their own identities. We can then only pray they make the right choices as they journey through life.

The question now being, how does one balance the act of writing and raising children? What does it mean to be both poet and parent? We asked three artists to respond to these questions and their stories are nothing but inspiring and heartfelt. Enjoy!

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SPIT Journal | Treesje Powers | Jesse Parent | Dominique Christina

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