Project: SPIT, A Movement of Spoken Word Poetry (via Knight News)

Poetry is an outlet where many writers share their thoughts, ideas and feelings without the feeling of being judged or isolated. Through Project: SPIT, a movement is beginning where this unique, open art form is growing into a great community.

“The mission of Project: SPIT is to create a spoken word,poetry community and awareness on the UCF campus that promotes and develops creative writing, allowing students to be in a safe environment that enables them to express and grow in the art form as well as promote diversity,” Shelby Birch, Project: SPIT president, said.

This club began in Fall 2013 and since has become a creative outlet for many of its members. The club aims to enhance creative writing skills and help develop performance skills which are essential for everyday life. Within their meetings, they hold several practice workshops for students to improve public speaking as well as have constructive communication of thoughts and ideas.

Click here for more information.


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