One Spark 2015: Poetry Slam joins the event! (via Metro Jacksonville)

Poetry will become part of One Spark this year with an open mic event for youngsters who want to present their spoken word creations.

The Saturday event will be an extension of Jax Youth Poetry, a nonprofit organization specializing in teaching poetry and writing to children ranging in age from 10 to 19.

The founder of JYPS, Tonya Smart, started it as a yearly event 2004. In 2010, JYPS partnered with the Jacksonville school board and public library and now a class is held by Smart every weekend.

“Each participant has the ability to learn and grow both through written word and social communication,” Smart said.

Every Saturday, Smart and her students meet in the public library for a workshop session on creative writing, modern literature, modern poetry, and Slam poetry. At the end of each year, each student compiles a chronological chat book titled “My Life in Line” to present the individual growth and maturity of that student.

Click here for more information.



Metro Jacksonville | Jax Youth Poetry

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