Miami poet R.M. Drake reinvigorates enthusiasm for poetry through Instagram (via Miami Herald)

Poetry has been pronounced dead time and time again, but literary doomsayers may want to check Instagram before nailing the coffin shut.

It is there that Miami native Robert Macias, who uses the pseudonym R.M. Drake, has forged a space in the mainstream for the out-of-favor art form. And his reach is considerable — Macias has amassed more than one million followers on his poetry account @rmdrk since joining Instagram in November 2012.

So how did a poet gain traction in a social media universe populated by the same high school students who groan at Edgar Allen Poe assignments?

Macias’ posts are easily distinguishable by his fans for their succinctness in verse and visual appeal — both of which the 32-year-old credits to his success.

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