Changing lives through poetry (via FOX17)

Grand Rapids, Michigan

A local poet is breaking down the walls of racial inequality and self-harm by teaching high school students the art of poetry. Marcel “Fable” Price is a poet who tackles real world issues like suicide, racism, and crisis intervention by spreading a positive message of love and hope.

“We teach kids spoken word to empower them to use their voices so they can see that their voice does matter,” said Fable.

Fable and his team have been working with Kelloggsville High School for the past six weeks, addressing issues few people are willing to talk about.

“They’re dealing with things that I can’t even imagine, and they’re willing to share it., said poet and team member Rachel Gleason. “To see them being able to be that open with each other and to support each other is really cool and really powerful.”

Click here for more information.


FOX 17 | Marcel “Fable” Price | Kelloggsville High School

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