This London-based poet’s list of influences includes Suli Breaks, Jonesy, George Watsky, Linton Kwesi Johnson… and one of our favorites, Black Ice! Check out the full article by clicking on the link below.

Rap and spoken word, despite being such kindred spirits, can often be awkward bedfellows. But that might be about to change, especially if George The Poet has anything to do with it.

George Mpanga is a graduate of both the prestigious Cambridge University and the life lessons of North-West London’s St Raphael’s Estate. Such polarized schooling furnishes him with the insight and ability to agitate debate around politics and social issues using one weighty word at a time.

With a 2015 BRIT Award nomination, a freshly signed contract from Island Records in his pocket and an appearance on the UK Channel 4’s Launched at Red Bull Studios on Wednesday, January 21, we quizzed George on five key inspirations that have helped to catapult him into our lives.

Black Ice… “The first poet to stop me in my tracks.”
Black Ice is from America. I was 17 when I heard him and it was a performance of focused anger. It just dissected so many of the ills that he saw in his community. What was funny was that he was talking about the things that I only ever heard about in rap. But being spoken word meant that it was unconventional. I’d never heard such accurate commentary. It was so cutting, it was so clearly angry but it wasn’t uncontrolled, nor unhinged. It was concise. It really whetted my appetite because I grew up with a load of anger as well.


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