Bringing Poetry to the People of Olympia (via Thurston Talk)

Full Title: Old Growth Poetry Collective: Bringing Poetry to the People of Olympia

Poetry. As someone who writes and enjoys poems, I’ve noticed this word can elicit a lot of interesting reactions. Many of us, understandably, may associate poetry with formal English class exercises or stiff events. However, poetry has its roots in oral storytelling, and spoken-word poetry can be lively, engaging, and thought-provoking. Whether spoken or on the page, a good poem can stick with us for life, change how we see the world, and bring us beauty that can only be expressed through this unique art form.

The Old Growth Poetry Collective is bringing “poetry to the people” of Olympia and beyond through their readings, workshops, and events. This performance poetry group features lively slam poetry contests, open mic nights, and “playshops” to help new poets cultivate their voices. They also organize poetry events throughout the Northwest. Influenced by the natural resources, culture, and political energy of our area, they aim to “uses performance poetry to cultivate voices of change and to create platforms for sharing stories.”

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Thurston Talk | Old Growth Poetry Collective

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