Poetry and Bill

For the love of BILL! Taking a moment to appreciate Mr. Cosby via a video clip, a poem and an article.



I Am Missing You

By Bill Cosby

She asked,
Did you miss me?
I confess,
I longed to be near you without rest.
Though you were not here,
I spiritualy felt you in my chest.
You were the air of hope,
I was blessed enough to receive,
Giving me a sense of comfort,
Knowing you wouldn’t leave,
As I hid amongst the trees,
Staying low to the ground,
feeling my heart pound
A slow steady beat,
Giving me strength to carry on.
I rose to my feet,
Looked to the horizon,
Where I knew should be.
Standing by your side,
Gazing into your eyes.
As I am now
Missing the expression
Of affection I have found
In the smile on your face
I confess
I am missing you.


The Eternal Paternal (via The New Yorker)

A warm summer weekend was just beginning in Salisbury, Maryland, and cars were pulling into the parking lots that surround the Wicomico Civic Center. People had come to see Bill Cosby, who would remind them, that night, that he was “seventy-six and eleven-twelfths years old,” and who surely has neither the time nor the need to do anything he doesn’t want to do. What he does want to do, even now, is comedy: he performs about a hundred times a year, mainly on weekends, following an itinerary that often leads him into what promoters call tertiary markets, where fans are not just happy to be able to see him in person but surprised, too.

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Bill Cosby | Poetry Nook | The New Yorker

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