Inspired by life’s events, Towson senior pens book of poetry (via TheBaltimoreSun)

Mary Welch draws her hand across the smooth gray-toned cover of the slim volume in her lap. “Life’s Poems,” by Mary Margaret Sheets-Welch, the title reads.

“It’s my life story in this book,” she said, noting the tragedies in her life — serious illness, the deaths of two husbands and more recently two of her children, and family estrangement. “Always the Lord was with me and brought me through it,” she added.

The 15 poems come from her 88 years of experience. One remembers the mother who encouraged her to walk at age 16 after years of suffering from the effects of rheumatic fever. Another speaks of her growing blindness as “a blessing in disguise.” She laments aging in another and in her favorite poem worries about the “orphan elderly.”

Welch began writing the poems as part of a poetry club she founded at Trinity House, a senior community in downtown Towson. An occasional poet, she founded the club at the suggestion of an administrator soon after she moved there about a year and a half ago.

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The Baltimore Sun

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