Poetry Contest: Ruminate Magazine

Call for submissions! $1500 + Publication to the 1st place winner. $200 + Publication to the runner up. Deadline is May 15th! Full guidelines listed in image below.

We highly recommend reading a copy of the magazine to better understand the type of poetry we are looking for. You can buy a PDF of Issue 29 ($5), which features the winning poems from the 2013 Poetry Prize judged by Maurice Manning. We also have a PDF of Issue 25 ($5), which features the finalists and winning poems from the 2012 Poetry Prize judged by Li-Young Lee, and a PDF of Issue 21 ($5), which features the finalists and winning poems from the 2011 Poetry Prize judged by Naomi Shihab Nye.

Ruminate Magazine sponsors four annual writing contests: our art contest, poetry contest, short story contest, and nonfiction contest. We are one of the only Christian-minded literary magazines to sponsor short story contests, poetry contests, and nonfiction contests, and art contests. And while our contests–just like our magazine–are not defined as Christian poetry contests or Christian fiction contests or Christian essay contests, we do strive to provide a forum for the conversation between art and faith to exist and continue. Past winners from the Ruminate Magazine writing contests have been recognized by Poets & Writers Magazine and have received notable mention awards in The Best American Short Stories anthology and Best American Essays anthology. Past finalist judges of our contests include Li-Young Lee, Naomi Shihab Nye, Leslie Leyland Fields, Mark Richard, Walter Wangerin, Jr., Bruce Herman, Susan Bowden, Bret Lott, David James Duncan, Luci Shaw, Vito Aiuto, Greg Wolfe, Al Haley, Stephanie G’Schwind, and Leif Enger. Our writing contests provide a significant venue for our talented contributors to receive the support and recognition they deserve.

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