The Wisdom of Spoken Word Poet LeDerick Horne (via Huffington Post)

Check out LeDerick Horne: poet and advocate.

From the policy analysts’ perspective, the key lines in LeDerick Horne’s “Dare to Dream” are:

Every child gets left behind
when all we focus on are tests

If adults are serious about school improvement and being “our Brothers’ Keeper,” however, we will wrestle with Horne’s overall message. Horne could have been left behind in exclusionary special education programs. There were times when his learning disability got him down. But now, he has been recognized across the country as a motivational speaker and advocate for people with disabilities. He is an entrepreneur and a teacher.

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Huffington Post | Lederick Horne’s Site | Lederick Horne’s Facebook | Lederick Horne’s Twitter | Lederick Horne’s Instagram

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