Poetic License: Poets on LOVE

It can be argued that out of love stems countless other emotions: joy, hopefulness, worry, anger, etc.

It’s always interesting to find the love in places that seem to be void of it. …Sometimes it’s even more interesting to watch a poet find the peace in their own energy.

Click on the image to see what has been on some of the poets’ hearts as of late. (via Twitter)





Alysia Harris (Site) | Alysia Harris (Twitter)

Mahogany L. Browne (Site)Mahogany L. Browne (Twitter)

Miles Hodges (Site) | Miles Hodges (Twitter)

Joshua Bennett (Site) | Joshua Bennett (Twitter)

Jasmine Mans (Twitter)

Alexzenia Davis (Site) | Alexzenia Davis (Official Twitter) / (Personal Twitter)

Thea Monyee (Site)Thea Monyee (Twitter)

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