The Poet’s List: Joseph Solomon

Joseph Solomon 5 - CopyJOSEPH SOLOMON

Hometown: Texas

Quote: “I was always a stickler for lyricism, and so spoken word is just that: lyricism.” — Joseph Solomon

One Accolade: Host of the ChaseGodTV webisodes

Joseph Solomon, aka “Joe”, is a Texas native raised near Fort Hood, which is a large army base in Central Texas. He was raised in church his entire life leading up to his college years. Up until college, Joe was what you would consider a nominal Christian – claiming the title and certain religious practices of Christianity but it pretty much stopped there.


On the college campus is where his faith was challenged by various belief systems. Seeing college as a means to make sense of the world, suddenly Christianity wasn’t making sense. This confusion soon turned into frustration, frustration turned into grief and grief eventually turned into unbelief.


There came a time when situations in his life were good. Everything seemed to be in place and there were generally no complaints, but a disbelief in God made it hard to enjoy. Though, there were many questions that Christianity had not answered for him, there were even more questions that idle “spirituality” didn’t answer either. What planted the seed for his turn to Christ? On the surface it was: mere reasoning and reading. Ultimately: God’s aggressive pursuit of his mind and soul.


Joe started chaseGodtv in the living room of his Houston apartment, with the desire to show Christians practical ways to understand and live out the faith. Many of the topics come from his own personal experiences filtered through a Biblical worldview. He knew that he was not perfect himself, so the only way to teach other imperfect people how to strive for perfection was to point them to Someone who already embodies that. Every webisode is an attempt to approach common struggles and questions through the lens of the Gospel of Christ.


Joseph received a bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication from The University of Texas at Tyler, and is a now a resident of Chicago, IL. He also travels the country to speak in depth on topics featured on chaseGodtv, as well as perform poetry and acoustic music. He has has the privilege of ministering at places such as P4CM’s 2014 Rhetoric, Legacy Conference in Chicago, IL, and many more.


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2 thoughts on “The Poet’s List: Joseph Solomon

  1. Joe is a gifted Christian poet. We’ve used his poetry and messages in family devotions.

    I want to share my Christian poetry with you, too.

    Check this out and feel free to share it.

    Performances on YouTube:
    1. Episodes of God’s Love

    2. Friends Don’t Let Friends

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